Two acrylic dentures isolated on white background.

If you’ve experienced the loss of teeth, a denture or partial may be a good option.  These removable appliances replace all of the teeth in an arch (maxillary or mandibular) or a few teeth, known as a partial.  Non-removable appliances using implant technology may be an option for you, as well.  These appliances create more stability in chewing. All these appliances allow you to continue to eat foods you enjoy and keep your smile, making you look younger!

Images and measurements are taken to create your denture or partial.  A good fit is important towards patient compliance of wearing the denture and success of the product.  We will work with you to make sure we get it right.

After you have your denture, it’s important to keep it clean, as well as your gum tissues.

  • Always rinse your denture after meals to get food particles off.  You can place a towel in the sink to avoid breakage if it drops.
  • At night remove your appliance and brush it using a non-abrasive denture cleaner.  Be sure to handle it carefully to avoid breakage and soak in a denture cleaner following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Brush any remaining teeth, tongue and massage the gum tissues while the denture is out to remove denture adhesive.

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