A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed into the jawbone that are made to not come out. The implant material, which is typically pure titanium, is extremely biocompatible and the bone treats the implant just as if it was made out of bone. The bone cells attach themselves to the implant and after an initial healing period it is uncovered and connected to a small post that serves as the foundation for the tooth or teeth that the implant will be supporting.

  • Most patients who are healthy with good oral hygiene are good candidates for dental implants.
  • Some implants fail because the bone has not integrated sufficiently with the implant.  However, success rates of 85-95% over a 5 to 15 years period are currently being recorded.
  • Smoking and Implants Do Not Mix !  Smoking affects the healing of bone and soft tissue by reducing the nutrients and minerals in the tissues as well as reducing the blood supply.
  • In most situations, a healing period of between 3 to 6 months is required before teeth can be attached to the implants. After the teeth are attached to the implants, regular check-ups are needed every 6 to 12 months where the implants are inspected and x-rays are taken to examine the bone structure around the implant.
  • For the implant to function well and to remain healthy, proper oral hygiene must be performed at home on a daily basis. Special cleaning aids (brushes, and floss) are widely available. We will provide instructions on the proper use of these cleaning aids. It is important to note that no metal scrapers should ever come in contact with the implants due to scratching the implants.

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