Pregnancy and Oral Health

Congratulations!  This is an exciting time in your life.  It’s important to let the dentist and dental staff know that you’re expecting.  It’s recommended that expectant mothers make a dental appointment early during pregnancy to address any dental needs or concerns. Your oral health can affect you and the health of your baby and their teeth.

It has been a common belief that pregnancy and oral health have nothing to do with each other.  In fact, many of the physiological changes occurring during pregnancy can affect oral health such as dental cavities, pregnancy gingivitis, periodontal disease, pregnancy tumors, and tooth erosion.

Follow this recommended advice:

  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Brush with a fluoridated toothpaste twice daily and floss daily.
  • Keep your regular preventive visits with your dentist.
  • Avoid brushing immediately after getting sick due to morning sickness (use a baking soda rinse to neutralize the acids and then brush after 30 minutes).
  • Combat gagging during brushing by using a toothbrush with a smaller head or changing toothpaste flavor.

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